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Saree Embroidery

Sarees are the only garment that will provide the most variety and style. Sarees have been the favorite clothing of Indian noble women since ancient times, and embroidery as art was also patronized and encouraged mainly by nobles and royals. In addition, the complexity and beauty of the patterns really emerge in saree embroidery due to the fluid and expansive display of the material in the garment. Saree embroidery designs, although still beautiful in their look and feel, don’t always have to be formal or festive. They can also be simple, so create nice clothes for everyday or office clothes. They can also have more western-style embroidery like lace, crochet, and sequined designs.
Embroidery is often exceedingly complex and done using complicated techniques to get the right look for the saree. Often colored silk threads are combined with mirrors to create the famous mirror work embroidery that sounds vibrant and extremely beautiful. In the nearby state of Rajasthan, saree embroidery motifs are made using thick and colorful pattu yarn which gives the garment a unique ethnic look. Patch edging work is also added to sarees with embroidery patterns.
Each of these embroidered patterns for saree fabrics has a different technique and therefore a unique look. From the materials used to the types of stitches, the technical specifications for each type vary. The most exquisite and attractive appearance is the hand embroidered saree in which each design is unique and exclusive. Machine embroidered strains can be preferred for everyday use as they are more affordable.
Even created patterns are able to change from region to region. For example, embroidered Punjab Phulkari saree have only flowers or floral motifs, while South Indian embroidery often focuses on mythological creatures or epic scenes. All kinds of artistic conceptions inspired from nature and religion are the norms in most other parts of India.

Styling Embroidered Sarees

Embroidered saree are an excellent option for almost all special occasions or parties, although they can be worn for casual use. The type of saree worn and styling will depend on the opportunity within reach. So heavy embroidered sarees such as the beautiful sarees of Banarasi with zari or zardozi work should be reserved for weddings and other such opulent occasions. They can be worn with a heavy Kundan set or gold jewellery to highlight the beauty of embroidery designs. On the other hand, a white embroidered saree with Chikankari workmanship is a good choice for a more semi-formal occasion such as an office party or dinner. The delicacy of the designs will blend well with elegant jewelry such as pearl jewelry sets or crystal pendants.

Various Types of Embroideries

Here are some beautiful embroidery patterns which you need to try at least once. Kutchi special embroidery is very heavy in comparison, it seems very pleasant and unique. You need to purchase some of these kitchen-style embroidered work saree if you are from Gujarat. The embroidery style of Rajasthani is also very well known and beautiful.
This style has been beautifully designed and worked upon. Jaipuri embroidery is particularly well known in Rajasthani. It stands for the tradition of Rajasthan. Floral embroidery is fashionable these days to give the saree a different look, it is stylish and gives your saree a gorgeous look. The other style is quilted patchwork, the uniform patches along the entire saree look beautiful and beautiful.

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